Your Questions Answered – Who, what, where, when, why… and how?

Who are we?

Sportmode Management, a sports management agency based close to London and with vast experience and reach across the worldwide sports industry

What do we do?

We support athletes, at all stages of their career, by sourcing for them apparel and equipment offers, patches/sponsorships, appearances, league teams, academy offers.

We also offer brands sponsorship, endorsement and advertising opportunities in the world of sport, including at major and televised events and key venues eg Wimbledon.


We are based close to London, UK, and operate globally, and in five languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian)


24×7, 365 days per year


We appreciate each athlete’s total commitment and focus on their chosen sport, and our sourcing products and finance for them leaves them free to concentrate on their training and competitions.

For brands, we are keen to demonstrate the value in aligning a brand with a sport or an athlete. Our business model sees us retaining an agreed commission on contracts that we negotiate and finalise.


We maintain excellent relationships with our vast global network of partners and providers in the sports industry, including equipment providers, apparel suppliers, event organisers, venue owners/managers, NGBs, coaches, academies, national league organisers, team managers, media partners, etc.

With our expert understanding of the wants and needs of a professional athlete, or aspiring professional, we can collaborate with our partners and providers to offer the athlete optimal support, both product and financial.

Similarly, we can align brand with sports, events, venues and/or athletes to supplement their marketing and advertising initiatives.


Practical examples of our work :

  • Tennis racket contracts for juniors
  • Tennis racket contracts for professionals
  • Golf ball contracts
  • Golf club sponsorships
  • Golf coaching
  • County Golf coaching
  • Sports shoe contracts for professionals
  • Sports apparel contract for professionals
  • Sponsorships for professional athletes
  • Investment in professional athletes
  • Product sponsorship for professional athletes
  • Appearance fees for professional athletes
  • Patch advertising at key tennis events Queens & Wimbledon
  • Patch advertising at golf events
  • Event sponsorship
  • Venue sponsorship
  • Sports academy offers (free/discount)
  • Sports league teams (tennis), including French, German, Italian, Czech, WTT USA, India CTL, IPTL
  • BBC radio and TV opportunities for athletes